The easiest way to serve localhost. DNS that always resolves to


Use mysite.local.gd when developing locally and it'll resolve to just like magic! Any subdomain like *.local.gd will work.

It's like xip.io and nip.io but straight up easier since we always point to

We use Netlify DNS so we're pretty sure you're always within 10ms of a DNS server, wherever you are. It's super quick!

Try it now!

Use any subdomain you like, and sub-sub-domains work too!

    $ dig startup.local.gd
    startup.local.gd.   	86400	IN	A

    $ dig www.startup.local.gd
    www.startup.local.gd.	86400	IN	A

    $ dig my.project.company.local.gd
    my.project.company.local.gd.	86400	IN	A

    $ dig alderaan.local.gd
    alderaan.local.gd.  	86400	IN	A


Just use ServerName and ServerAlias and you're good to go:

    ServerName froogle.local.gd
    ServerAlias www.froogle.local.gd


Nginx is just as easy as Apache2 and you can add multiple hostnames to one line:

    server_name bloogle.local.gd www.bloogle.local.gd;


Built as a personal tool but may be useful for others. I may switch projects a few times on a regular development day, so these features provide the following advantages: